Aleph Alpha technology is driving business transformation for enterprises and governments with proprietary AI innovation. The AI R&D company has been founded in 2019 in Heidelberg with a mission for technological sovereignty and since its inception published several category-defining innovations to make modern AI trustworthy. Since 2023 Aleph Alpha and IPAI in Heilbronn formed a strong partnership to ensure a continued and open research contribution to the ecosystem and responsibility for the community.

Only with technological sovereignty can we ensure our values determine the world in which the next generations will grow up, and that we have the ability and resources to meet the cultural, political and social challenges of this transformation.

Jonas Andrulis (Founder & CEO)

RevoAI is enabling engineers to deliver incredible products faster and at lower costs by an unique and AI-driven toolchain, which is dedicated to increasing the productivity of engineering teams.

We have the desire to increase productivity in the validation and verification of complex systems.

Dr. Raphael Pfeffer (Managing Director),
Dr. Michael Hefenbrock (Head of AI),
Gustav Nils Basedow (Managing Director)

Semorai offers manufacturing companies an AI-based quality engineer that enables them to automatically identify potential errors in the development phase and assess their risk.

We enable AI-powered solutions for your engineering and quality management.

John Achim Holzhauer (CEO),
Kanran Zhou (CTO)

Rocket Tutor is your personal AI maths tutor, with which systematic and didactically relevant skills are built up.

Our goal is an individualized and complete exam preparation for every student.

Yue Wu,
Lionel Rühlemann,
Komaldeep Chahal