eleva unlocks the power of complex proteins for future therapies with the help of an inconspicuous but incredibly efficient tool: Bryophyta, more commonly known as moss.

New solutions and new therapies need new avenues to reach them.

Dr. Björn Cochlovius

baseclick enables life science researchers to create better solutions in diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines development through a proprietary click chemistry.

Click technology holds the promise to revolutionize the mRNA Technology.

Dr. Thomas Frischmuth (CEO)

seleon develops and produces complex medical devices on behalf of customers and ensures their approval.

Our mission is high-class medical technology and first-class service.

Frank-Martin Rammelt (Managing Director)

Resusitec develops, produces and markets cutting-edge technology for emergency and intensive care medicine to ensure safe patient care.

We deliver the next level of ECPR.

Jörg Ronde,
Dr. Christoph Benk,
Dr. Thomas Kraft

PL BioScience produces xeno-free cell culture supplements for cell research and cell therapy development using an ethical and safe production process.

We deliver cell solutions by innovating on cell culture.

Hatim Hemeda (CEO),
Christian Wilkes (CFO)

Act’ble is revolutionizing dance with the first 3D-printed soles for pointe shoes, offering durability and adaptability to dancers’ feet, enhancing performance and health.

We shape the future of tomorrows dancing athletes.

Sophia Lindner (Founder)

eeden is the pioneer in upcycling and uses a chemical upcycling process to transform textile waste into valuable resources for new fibres.

Our technology makes it possible to meet the growing demand for high-quality recycled fibres.

Reiner Mantsch (CEO),
Steffen Gerlach (CFO)


MetisMotion manufactures modular actuator systems based on the patented naXture technology. Developed and designed according to a unique model from nature: the human muscle.

We have the answer to the question of intelligent and clean actuators.

Patrick Fröse (MD),
Wolfgang Zöls (MD),
Georg Bachmaier (Research & Development)