akirolabs, founded in 2021 by Michael Pleuger, Detlef Schultz, Christoph Flöthmann, and Tim Ergenzinger, develops and provides an AI powered SaaS platform for collaborative strategic procurement. akirolabs is based upon a world-class and industry proven strategic procurement process, methodology and toolkit, embedded into an intuitive cross-functional collaboration workflow and enriched with all relevant internal and external business insight. akirolabs’ unique approach delivers “Procurement Strategies with Value & Purpose” and a significantly broader and 4-5 times higher value contribution than traditional souring solutions. 

We believe in the imperative of advanced strategic procurement software in today’s economic environment. In these challenging times, akirolabs does not just facilitate savings on price. Much more, our solution delivers tangible improvements in total cost and supply chain resilience, sustainability and agility, strengthening the competitiveness of our customers.

Michael Pleuger (CEO)

Ventus’ high accuracy weather data enables advanced autonomous driving for increased road safety and flexible future mobility. Our forecast data helps the growth zero-emission mobility and to increase efficiency of commercial transport.

Partnering with ZFHN, leveraging their expertise and extensive network helps us bring the Ventus vision to life.

Rafael Abel (CEO)
Andreas Waldman (CTO)
Lutz Pegel (CFO)

cre[ai]tion enables the effortless creation of stunning objects through an entirely visual workflow, powered by advanced ai. users can share their designs, transforming their visions into reality.

We are turning design visions into reality by entering a new era of design.

Marco Limm (CEO)

S2data & algorithms develops software for more efficient supply chain planning that reduces logistics costs and emissions and increases efficiency.

With the logistics of the future, we create added value for society and industry.

Dr. Stefan Kremsner (MD Sales),
Dr. Stefan Lendl (MD Development)

doinstruct is developing a mobile, multilingual and user-friendly training solution for frontline workers that enables location-independent training on a smartphone that can be easily implemented.

Our aim is to ensure that all employees are actually reached during mobile training sessions.

Charlotte Rothert (CEO),
Thorsten Groß (COO),
Daniel Marinkovic (CTO)

DemoUp Cliplister is creating the world’s largest hub for product videos. With its end-to-end solutions, DemoUp massively increases conversions on ecommerce sites.

Unleash the full potential of your product content.

Nader El Ali (CEO),
Sören Schulze (COO),
Tobias Degele (Managing Director)

Preventicus develops products that enable smartphones and smart watches to recognise irregular heartbeats and thus reduce the risk of a stroke.

Our technology makes many stroke cases avoidable.

Dr. Thomas Hübner (CEO)

Inkeepr is an audience-optimization platform that helps optimize Ad spends by identifying the right customers that are likely to buy and manifest high future value.

We help you to find the right audiences online.

Willi Linke (CEO),
Karoline Grießbach

Fyrfeed creates ready-to-publish quality content for B2B companies as a subscription service. The content is created by a self-learning AI and optimized by humans orchestrated through the fyrfeed platform. This approach enables full scalability for high-quality content creation.

Our human-in-the-loop approach to AI is transforming content creation – it’s quicker and scalable, without sacrificing quality.

Dr. Thomas Lindemann (CEO),
Benjamin Zengler (COO),
Ehud Avner (CTO)