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Innkeepr, provider of an AI-based analysis platform for customer data, secures investment from D11Z. Ventures

By d11z
Published May 8, 2024
The Chemnitz-based start-up Innkeepr facilitates target group-specific digital advertising in times of effective consumer protection.

(PresseBox) (Chemnitz, 05/02/2024) 

With the involvement of Heilbronn-based venture capitalist D11Z.Ventures, the AI-based customer data platform -Innkeepr- has gained a strong partner and will be able to further expand its digital business model in the future. Founded in 2021, the start-up offers an AI-supported solution for searching for relevant customer segments on advertising platforms such as Google, Meta, TikTok and Amazon.

“The success of digital advertising today depends more than ever on reaching the right target group,” says Innkeepr Co-Founder Willi Linke. “In an internet without cookies, more protection against tracking and the growing popularity of ad blockers, this is becoming increasingly difficult.

We offer a solution where consumer privacy and digital advertising go hand in hand.

With its intelligent targeting approach, the team not only identifies relevant customer segments better than large advertising giants, but also protects sensitive customer information from being accessed by the platforms.

“Our approach of server-side libraries and e-commerce plugins allows companies to collect customer data where it is generated and translate it into relevant target group segments on well-known advertising platforms in virtually real time,” says co-founder Dr. Karoline Griesbach. The technology simulates the effect of advertising signals as in a virtual A/B test and derives relevant buyer groups from this.

“Anyone whose business model is currently based on finding customers online needs to consider how they want to do this in the future,” says Griesbach. “Innkeepr is at least our answer to the question of how advertisers can profitably grow with the challenges of data privacy in the future.”

Today, Innkeepr is primarily used by retailers and D2C brands that rely on so-called performance marketing. Advertisers now place between 50 and 100 million impressions a day on the customer segments of the AI platform – primarily in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the USA. “Our aim is to help companies understand their customer data as an asset and use it more intelligently, ultimately strengthening their business models,” explains Linke. “With the now completed financing of D11Z. Ventures in combination with several business angels, we have not only gained the expertise of an experienced early-stage investor with focus on AI, but also strong know-how in e-commerce.”

Sebastian Pyzalski, Investment Manager at D11Z. Ventures, adds: “While the creation of advertising content with the new generation of GenAI tools is already widespread, we believe there is a blind spot in the market when it comes to reaching relevant target groups with these contents. And since precisely this will become increasingly difficult on the Internet of the future without cookies, we are confident that Innkeepr’s intelligent infrastructure will help shape this future.”

About Innkeepr

Innkeepr is an intelligent customer data platform for the Internet without cookies. Fast-growing brands such as SNOCKS, Rosental and Lillydoo use Innkeepr to translate their user data into intelligent target groups on Google, Meta, TikTok and Amazon and thus optimise their media budgets by up to 35%.

Further information at: innkeepr.ai